Our purpose

The Global Wesleyan Alliance is a Christ-centered community of Wesleyan Arminian holiness denominations and organizations that strenghtens the prophetic voice and amplifies the missional fruitfulness of its members as they communicate and demonstrate the transforming message of scriptual holiness by:

  • Creating a greater community through intentional relationship building between organizations, leaders and congregations.
  • Collaboration in fulfilling Christ’s mission through pooling resources, sharing best practices, recommending standards to enable mutual recognition of ministerial credentials, joint resources development and publishing, and ministerial job placement.
  • Convening events and conferences for the promotion of holiness, discipleship, church healing and multiplication, leadership development, prayer denominational or judicatory leadership and networking, and issues of mutual concern.
  • Communicating with one another through sharing calendars, news, and information about special events, and issuing joint statements (subject to the endorsement by individual partner organization) addressing contemporary moral and spiritual issues.
  • Engaging in other lawful activity consistent with it’s tax exempt status as a corporation organized exclusivesly for charitable, religious, educational and scientific purposes or corresponding sections of any future federal tax code.